Looking For a Way to Introduce Your Network Marketing Business to Your Warm Market?

Think of all the people you know personally. Wouldn’t it be great to figure out which ones are ready to take the next step with you in your MLM business?

  1. Phone Contacts.
  2. Church Contacts
  3. Email Contacts
  4. Facebook Contacts
  5. Personal Contacts
  6. Friends and Family

Now there is a way to find that Diamond without sifting through a Mountain of Coal! Let Diamond Makers do the Work for You!!

Single User System

  1. We Build Your Personal Web-page.
  2. We Give You Exclusive Access to Our Survey Lead Generation System. ALL Leads Belong to You!
  3. We Give You Marketing Materials, Scripts & Training
  4. You Get Unlimited Pre-Qualified Leads That are Ready to Listen!

COST: $500 Set-up + $1 per Survey Lead produced.

  • Survey Leads Use 29 Questions to Predict Probability of Success in the MLM Industry. They also tell you time and money Prospect is Ready to Commit! Includes all Profile Information and Score Interpretation.

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