Momentous Health Global – A United States Network Marketing Company

MOMENTOUS Health Global - RECORD BREAKING Compensation Plan!

Momentous “Unlimited Team Commissions!”

Highlights of Momentous Compensation Plan!

  1. Sponsor 2 and Build Down!
  2. NO Manager Team Requirements!
  3. Unlimited Team Commissions! NO CAP!
  4. First Order Bonus- 3 Generations Deep!
  5. One Sales Dollar = 1 Point Commissionable Volume!
  6. Full CV on Customers!! Plus Bonus!
  7. Check Match 7% ALL 7 Generations of Platinum!
  8. Silver Bonus POOL: 1% of ALL Company CV!
  9. Gold Bonus POOL: 1% of ALL Company CV!
  10. $30,000.00 USD Diamond Bonus!
  11. One Million USD Presidential Bonus!
  12. Card Payments or Direct Deposit Options!

"Why I Left a MULTIPLE 6 Figure Income to Join Momentous Health Global!"

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Diamond Maker - Paul Anthony Drockton M.A. United States

Walking Away from a Multiple 6 Figure Income and Starting New With Momentous was one of the Easiest Decisions I have ever made. People Do Network Marketing as a Business to Make Money, Without Limits!

Momentous only make you build 2 legs, and Sponsor only 2 Distributors to make money. At the Higher Ranks, their are no Manager Leg Requirements! NONE! Most Importantly THERE IS NO CAP ON TEAM COMMISSIONS!

On the Back End, the Generation Matching Bonus pays a 7% Check match on seven generations deep. Platinum to Platinum Leader, not Bronze like other companies.

More Importantly you get 1 CV for every dollar of product sold on new business and renewals. Products are  extremely affordable at $50 each and you get 50 CV on Customers and Distributors!

I am looking forward to my $30,000 Diamond Bonus and my $1,000,000.00 Presidential Bonus! I guarantee that working as hard as you do now you will make a whole lot more money. The Contract is non-exclusive, which means the Company has nothing but Great Service to Keep us Here! Along with solid lifetime income guarantees that no other company offers!


Momentous Pays out 60% of ALL Sales to Distributors!

They Give You an Additional 20% Product Credit On ALL FOB!

Use Product Credits for Your Autoship, Samples, or Your Downline!

OR.. Sign Up 1 Customer and Get 50 PV to Cover Your Autoship Requirement!

Why Pay Autoship????

Learn About Our Powerful Product Line! (Click Image)